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Why more children need to embrace a lockdown free life

More children need to be encouraged to embrace a lockdown free life to help boost their health and wellbeing, a leading child psychologist has said.

Two years on from restrictions being lifted, Dr Amanda Gummer says too many children are still not getting the full benefits of being able to play outside and mix with other kids.

Speaking as the first days of Spring kick-in, Dr Gummer, who is a research psychologist specialising in child development, said: “In a world where we’re increasingly focused on children’s mental health, we sometimes miss the point that actually chasing happiness, and that being a goal in itself, is misguided.

“What we need to do is keep kids busy, active, engaged, and having fun in their activities, which in itself will then promote positive mental wellbeing.

“During the pandemic, kids lost out on a lot of socialisation, and it hasn’t fully come back yet. Organised activities where kids are making new friends with people their own age, playing together collaboratively or even competitively, is really good for their social development”.

Dr Gummer’s comments come ahead of National Children’s Activities Week which runs from the 13th to the 19th May. This year’s series of events are being backed by X Factor winner and former mum of the year, Sam Bailey.

Thousands will be taking part in the UK’s largest annual celebration of children’s activities hosted by What’s On 4 Kids and the event is now in its fifth year.

Explaining its significance, Sam Willoughby, Chief Executive of What’s On 4 Kids and Founder of Children’s Activities Week, said: “Getting our children active again should be a major point of focus for parents, carers, and our society as a whole.

“Children’s Activities Week highlights the extraordinary mental and physical benefits of activities, classes and clubs for children and their families, as well as championing the passion and creativity of the activity providers themselves.

“It’s an extraordinary effort to create and offer activities that inspire and engage children in the right ways, and this week celebrates exactly that”.

As well as contributing to the wellbeing of children across the nation, Children’s Activities Week is playing a much bigger role in fostering impactful change.

“CAW supports the incredible work of Caudwell Children, dedicated to increasing equal access to opportunities for disabled and autistic children”, continued Ms Willoughby.

“All funds raised from Children’s Activities Week will be donated to the charity, which provides a range of services including autism assessments, powered wheelchairs, sensory equipment, employment mentoring and much more.

e are proud to be supporting Caudwell’s vital mission, all while nurturing key skills and development opportunities for children”.

To find out more or to get involved, please visit: https://www.childrensactivitiesweek.co.uk