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Most asked questions around the Queen’s funeral bank holiday

The announcement of a bank holiday on the day of the Queen’s funeral has been welcomed, giving the nation a chance to commemorate her life and years of devoted service.

But it has meant that thousands of employers are wondering how they should manage the extra bank holiday in their businesses, along with other operational aspects.

Peninsula’s BrAInbox app saw 10,300 questions yesterday, with the most frequently asked questions being:

  1. Is the day of the Queen’s funeral a bank holiday?
  2. Who has a bank holiday for the Queen’s funeral?
  3. Do I treat the Queen’s funeral bank holiday differently from other bank holidays?
  4. If an employee has already got leave booked for the day of the Queen’s funeral, what do I do now it has been declared a bank holiday?
  5. If an employee works on the day of the Queen’s funeral, do I have to pay them extra?
  6. If I choose to close my business as a mark of respect during the mourning period following the Queen’s death, what do I pay employees?

Kate Palmer, HR Advice and Consultancy Director at Peninsula, says: “This is an historic event, and one that most of us have not experienced before in our lifetime. Businesses are wanting to get things right.

“Regardless of whether a business will close or not on the day of the funeral, it’s important that they handle the situation with care.

“Many people have been deeply saddened by the Queen’s death so employers need to consider what they can do to help their employees, acknowledge their rights, and pay respect to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”