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Exciting news. Tea magazine with tea room guides will be re-launched in 2014 – new look, online and in print. Watch this space for more news.

tea is the place to find out about all things tea: tea rooms in Britain and beyond, tea merchants, tea history, tea paraphernalia, tea anecdotes … If you want to know about tea you’re in the right place and you’re in good company. Known as Britain’s favourite beverage, poured at times of celebration, sadness or stress, tea is central to everyday life in Britain and many other countries across the globe. Whether you’re here to learn, contribute, browse or just from idle curiosi-tea, enjoy your tea with us.

Tea words

Margaret Thornby, our tea and tea room researcher, has been looking at all the words ending in ‘ty’ and conjuring up interesting tea-related themes. We used one in the past, and this has been used by others – Charitea – but there are many, many more. How about Qualitea (a tea with good character perhaps?) or Crafty (a foxy little tea!)
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Tweet me please

Those of you who use Twitter may have seen that Margaret Thornby, our tea and tea room aficionado, has been posting regular tweets on all things tea and a few other things – tea and stuff you might say! Follow her @TearoomGuide

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Tea thoughts

Tea rooms

The Fountain Garden Conservatory

Trevarno Estate and Gardens
Trevarno Manor
TR13 0RU

The Coffee Bean

77 Clifton Street

Tea Suppliers