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Burnt-Out Britain: 71% of Parents and 69% of Keyworkers suffering symptoms of burn out

Popular stress-relief brand Kalms this week launches a new product, Kalms Rhodiola, to relieve exhaustion, stress and fatigue – all symptoms of burnout.  This comes as newly released research reveals that financial pressures, a lack of control of everyday lives, and a poor work-life balance over the past 12 months has led to 71% of parents […]

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Lockdown and home working have caused ‘Dry Eye Syndrome’ to soar

Here’s what Dry Eye is and how to relieve symptoms: More time indoors with the central heating on and staring at a screen for long periods are both factors that are thought to have led to an increase of Dry Eye Syndrome in the past 12 months. According to research, around one in four people […]

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