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Lords committee set to hear about the impact of preterm birth on parents and families

The House of Lords Preterm Birth Committee continues its inquiry by hearing from charities who focus on the impact of preterm birth on parents and families.  Also giving evidence will be clinical academics specialising in secondary prevention of preterm birth….

Modern Brits are resorting to parenting and working at the same time, due to the cost-of-living

Researchers polled home (and hybrid) working parents, and discovered as many as 87 percent now regularly look after their children while still trying to do their day job, with 85 percent even having to work in the same room as…

Screen-Time Will Be Limited, My Kids Will Never Sleep In My Bed And I Will Not Shout At Them… Study Reveals The 20 Most Hilarious Preconceptions Parents Had Before Becoming A Mum Or Dad

New research of parents reveals as many as 85 percent think back and laugh out loud about the sort of parent, they thought they would be. A further 81 percent claim it is simply impossible to know just how hard…

I’m a psychotherapist: here’s how parents can help their teenagers manage the stress of exam results

Awaiting exam results can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing experience for young people. Family psychotherapist Fiona Yassin of The Wave Clinic has shared six ways parents or carers can help their child manage a stressful exam results day, and offers some tips for the…