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Expert advice as brides and grooms look to ‘faux-ever’ floristry for their big day

As interest in faux wedding flowers grows, the floral pros behind Blooming Artificial offer expert advice on the questions you most want answered.

  • Within the wedding florals and garlands search topic, “artificial wedding flowers” and “artificial wedding bouquets” have become breakout terms (growing interest by over 5000%) in the last five years.
  • Global search interest in artificial wedding flowers is dominated by the UK market, representing 45% of total global monthly search volumes.

Brits appear to be searching for more affordable floral options for their weddings as the average cost of wedding flowers in the UK hits £1100, increasing by nearly a quarter (22%) since 2020 as living costs spike. As well as typically being more affordable than real cut flowers, artificial varieties can always be sold on or more easily be repurposed after use, a likely reason for their growing popularity.

We spoke to Alick Burnett, Blooming Artificial’s managing director, to answer the questions currently being googled the most within the topic, according to the keyword research tool AlsoAsked.

Is it OK to use fake flowers at your wedding?

As the number one most-searched question, Alick offers advice for uncertain brides and grooms, “Absolutely! Artificial wedding bouquets are more popular than ever, as we can see highlighted with recent search data. You can incorporate faux into your big day in a number of ways such as through your bridal bouquets, table arrangements or ceremony decor.

“With their durability, versatility, allergy-friendly nature, and even eco-conscious benefits, faux blooms offer a perfect solution for those looking to add a touch of everlasting beauty to their special day. Opt for high-quality flowers like silk wedding bouquets as these can look so lifelike, your guests might do a double take.”

How do you make fake flower arrangements look real?

“First things first is texture – one of the telltale signs of artificial flowers is that they can sometimes look a bit too perfect”, Alick begins. “To combat this, mix it up by incorporating different textures into your bouquet. Choose blooms with varying petal shapes and sizes, and don’t forget about foliage – a little greenery can go a long way in adding authenticity.

“Real flowers aren’t perfectly symmetrical, so be sure to embrace imperfection when designing your faux arrangements. I would suggest gently bending and manipulating the stems and petals to give them a more natural, organic look. A little bit of asymmetry here and there will add charm and character to your bouquet. 

“Fresh-cut flowers also often have subtle variations in hue that can be hard to replicate with artificial blooms. To make your bouquet look more lifelike, consider mixing shades of the same colour or adding in a few accent blooms with slightly different tones. This will create depth and dimension, just like a real bouquet.”, Alick concludes.

What to do with artificial flowers after a wedding?

The best thing about choosing artificial floristry for your wedding is that it can continue to provide joy after the ceremony, acting as a special recognition of your wedding day when displayed in your home. Alick notes, “There are a variety of ways to display your bouquets – vases are the classic choice, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Go for something unique and eye-catching, like a vintage mason jar, an elegant crystal vase, or even a quirky teapot for a whimsical touch. You could also consider getting the stems from your bridal bouquet professionally framed or displayed in a shadow box”

Alick adds, “You can keep your artificial bouquet looking fresh by regularly giving it a gentle dusting with a soft brush or some compressed air. Make sure to store your bouquet in a cool, dry spot away from direct sunlight to keep its colours popping for years to come.”

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