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Get Stuff Sorted pre-death admin service launched by award-winning Settld

Award-winning end-of-life admin service Settld has launched a new pre-death preparation package aimed at individuals and families who want to get their affairs in order.

Settld has joined forces with various partners to deliver a ‘Get Stuff Sorted’ programme, offering hands-on advice and practical assistance to prepare paperwork and legal matters regarding end-of-life admin.

Over 31 million adults in the UK don’t have wills or Powers of Attorney in place to protect their loved ones and families, according to Canada Life.

Many also haven’t recorded their final wishes or put the rest of their affairs in order.

Vicky Wilson, co-founder and CEO of Settld, (pitured above) said: “Our online programme has been designed with various organisations to ensure customers can put their admin affairs in order.  Doing so, means that their partners and families won’t face as much emotional stress and unnecessary paperwork following their death.

“We want to make sure everyone’s safe, so we’re introducing a package of services to get all the ‘important stuff’ done, start to finish, in just four weeks.

“Our virtual training and advice sessions help people through the difficult legal and admin trails, and are tailor-made for each individual that signs up.”

The training module, including assistance with wills, powers of attorney, and storage of documents is the latest offering from multi-award winning Settld, which recently announced a new partnership with Starling Bank.

Launched in February 2021, Settld enables members of the public to notify a death to over 970 market leading service providers across the UK, from banks and insurers to energy firms, mobile providers, subscription services, social media platforms and others.

Settld’s online service also helps users close, transfer or amend accounts as well as obtaining date of death balances for probate.

For more information, or to apply for a place on the Get Stuff Sorted programme, please email: [email protected]