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Social worker goes from burn out to foster mum and ‘feel good’ entrepreneur

Amy Johnson, from Welshpool quit her job in the social care sector, as she headed on a collision course with burn out and family breakdown.

It was this crisis and subsequent realisation she was suffering from compassion fatigue that led her to leave her social care career behind and transform her life.

It was the catalyst needed to tackle her emotional eating and discover a path to health and well-being that is now a full-time business, aptly named Feel Good Wellbeing.

Life has definitely got the feel good factor for Amy, age 43 and her husband Jeff, who fostered for ten years before adopting their son, following his long-term foster placement with the couple.

Her one day luxury retreats are one of the most popular events she offers, and that recently sparked an idea to create retreats entirely focused on the well-being needs of foster carers. This has resulted in Amy working with New Chapters Fostercare, based in Shrewsbury to develop an innovative and dynamic wellbeing package for their own foster carers.

Amy knows first-hand experience the difficulties and emotional pressures that fostering brings as well as the reward, but little is available to allow foster carers to take some time out for themselves.

Amy said: “So many of us are time poor these days, which is why my one day retreats are so popular.

“My regular feel good clients were enjoying an entire day devoted to their own health and wellbeing, to allow themselves time to recharge occasionally and enjoy some time out. So why couldn’t the same luxury be afforded to foster carers.

“After all nobody knew more than me the struggles and impact self-care and compassion fatigue can have on foster carers. I just thought why not create something just for them.”

Having worked in the care, public and charity sectors Amy is well versed in what’s needed when it comes to pulling together the best professional experts and complimentary therapists to transport foster carers away from the everyday strains of daily life.

She added: “I wish there had been wellbeing tools and strategies with a little luxury thrown in when my husband and me started out on our foster care journey.  I totally get how foster carers can feel overwhelmed in their daily lives, even when the rewards are great and fulfilling. We all need some time out to recharge occasionally.”

The regular luxury retreats, are held at the Lion Quays Hotel and Spa, Weston Rhyn, near Oswestry throughout the year, with the next one on Tuesday, 9 August. They focus on relaxation and well-being, with workshop topics including hypnotherapy, relaxation, meditation, nutrition, gut health and healthy living and use of spa facilities.

Foster Carer Retreats are available on request and tailored to individual needs. Amy brings in personally selected facilitators and practitioners who have worked with foster carers, are motivational in nature and highly skilled in their areas of expertise.

Tickets for the next wellbeing retreat at the Lion Quays on Tuesday 9 August, 2022  are available at Feel Good Wellbeing Retreat or www.feelgood-wellbeing.co.uk

More information about bespoke packages for foster carers contact Amy Johnson on 07534 000951 or email:[email protected]