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Woman once labelled as a ‘Write Off’ Writes Book to Help Women Become Unstoppable

Bridie Walker has faced, battled, and overcome many struggles throughout her life. She was labelled as a write-off and no good when she fell pregnant at 14 years old, at age 21 Bridie worked as a lap dancer whilst supporting her two children. Over the years, she has suffered a stroke, faced two divorces, and has built her business, lost her business, and declared bankruptcy. It wouldn’t be surprising to any if Bridie gave up, but every setback spurred her forwards, moulding the roadmap to her future success.

Bridie has spent the last year working on her debut book offering honest heartfelt advice, detailing her own experiences, to help women change their lives and become Unstoppable.

‘It has been a dream of mine to write a book and share some of my own stories to help inspire other women who may feel ‘stuck’ on the hamster wheel of life. Always looking for a positive in a negative situation, I decided to use Lockdown to focus on making my dream a reality.

I wanted to make my book relatable and honest because for many, many years I felt so lost, and I know that lots of women feel the same. My hope is that my book will give women an insight into themselves and the confidence to make the changes they are so desperate to make but currently don’t know how or where to begin’

The book covers how Bridie used her pain as power, overcame tragedy to beat all the odds against her. With Reflection Tasks, she teaches her readers to take control of their lives and reinvent themselves. It is Bridie’s goal to show women that they do deserve the lives they want and help them to become confident, fulfilled and to live their dreams.

Bridie is a serial entrepreneur having built 3 successful businesses in 13 years. Bridie is trained as a counsellor, CBT Therapist, Hypnotherapist and is a certified Life Coach. She works hard to help other women create a life they truly want but don’t feel they deserve and helps them let go of pain and build up resilience. She helps them rebuild, restructure, and redesign their lives their way so that they can develop an Unstoppable Mindset, Unstoppable Confidence and Unstoppable Success.

Unstoppable is available here: https://bridie-walker.com/unstoppable-book/