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April Hamilton Interior Design Studio, Share Their Luxury Kitchen Design Tips

Whether you need a full home refurbishment, or a luxury kitchen and living update, here are April Hamilton’s founder Rosemary Ridgway and interior architect Charlotte Small’s top tips to help you realise the family kitchen of your dreams.

With a studio based in Cobham, Elmbridge is a much sought after property hot spot, with neighbourhood homes regularly selling for millions – it’s the most expensive place in Surrey to buy a home and the team have worked across countless aspirational homes and properties.

Bespoke Kitchen Design

A luxury bespoke kitchen offers several benefits, including a completely tailored design to fit a clients’ specific needs and preferences, ensuring optimal use of space and desired functionality.

“Kitchens offer an incredible design range, and when they’re integrated into the overall transformation of a client’s home, the experience becomes truly special. Each kitchen project flexes our creative muscles, allowing us to engage our talented partners and kitchen makers to explore a diverse array of materials and finishes. This not only enhances their kitchen but also creates a cohesive flow between rooms, ensuring a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment throughout our client’s home. Working closely with our clients on these transformations is a privilege, as it allows us to bring their unique vision to life, whilst elevating the functionality and beauty of their living spaces.”

The availability of contemporary high-quality materials including marble, quartz, fluted woods, and metals, coupled with excellent craftsmanship from our specialist joinery team and partnered kitchen companies, creates simply incredible results.

Custom kitchen design features, including unique storage solutions and the latest specialised appliances, enhance overall convenience and efficiency. We enjoy mixing and matching premium design and tech brands, including Lacanche, Meile, Gaggenau and Sub-Zero Wolf.

Bespoke kitchen design is always highly desirable and therefore they add significant value to our clients’ properties, certainly a worthwhile investment when you’re considering a home refurbishment.

April Hamilton’s personalised design process, allows for a collaborative experience, ensuring every detail aligns with our client’s vision, especially for at-home gourmet chef’s and foodies.

Open-Planned Living

Most of our projects include open planned living areas that encompass the kitchen, dining and living area, designing these areas is an enjoyable and creative process, as you can design a varied yet harmonious considered kitchen, that dances from one area to the next.

Double islands within luxury kitchens, are now especially in demand.  They perfectly suit dual purpose living, having one for the preparation of a meal or drinks, whilst the other island can be used as a fun socialising space.

Part of a contemporary and popular design trend for open planned kitchens and dining areas, is the inclusion of contemporary banquette seating.  This addition has a bespoke high-end feel, whilst adding increased comfort to kitchen and living areas, especially important for multi-use family living.

Contemporary Kitchen Additions, Pantries, Wine Cellars, and Breakfast Nooks

The designer kitchen is currently undergoing a modern overhaul, to include more areas for specific lifestyle needs and interests. These include the addition of, pantries, wine cellars, hidden drink fridges and dedicated bar areas.

Housing collatable wines in optimal temperature conditions, is a real showstopper addition. Whilst simpler clutter-free spaces including hidden pantries are highly practical. Hidden drink stations, such as drawer fridges and breakfast areas create convenient, designated spots for morning routines, enhancing the kitchen’s functionality and a family’s use throughout the day.

Combined, these elements add a touch of sophistication and real exclusivity, elevating the overall design and appeal of your kitchen, transforming it into a truly luxurious, enjoyable, and well thought out space.

Luxury Kitchen Tech

Integrating kitchen tech enhances the convenience, efficiency, and enjoyment of a bespoke kitchen.

Seeing as we spend most of our time here too, purchasing smart appliances including induction hobs, touchless faucets, built-in charging stations and smart lighting, again plays a huge part in the overall look and luxurious feel of a modern luxury kitchen.

Mindful Nature Connections

Allowing for an immediate connection to the garden, has in recent years, become increasingly important to our clients, therefore the additions of orangeries and adjoining garden rooms has also been included within our current design scope and brief and a design addition to really think about.

Rosemary commented, “Many of our clients are looking forward to entertaining, dining and relaxing in their very own luscious, open-concept spaces, ranging from gardens to sea rooms and the ever-indulgent orangery.”

Owing to their structural foundation (semi-solid, floor–to-ceiling glass windows), these luxurious structural extensions are best suited for properties that are balanced, symmetrical and offer opportunities for scale or extension.

For this reason, bespoke construction and design is paramount and key to creating a balanced exterior look that complements the house’s period and architecture.

About April Hamilton

Working across the UK designing family homes to Chelsea townhouses, beach-front properties in the Isle of Wight and villas in Palma, Rosie and Charlotte have secured a well-earned reputation as consummate professionals, who understand how to creatively bring their clients dreams and lifestyle aspirations to life.