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Get set for Summer: Interior Expert Shares Must-Have Home Decor Trends to Brighten Your Home

Summer is fast approaching, which means it might be time for another seasonal assessment of our homes. Here Kate Conrad, senior interior designer at luxury homeware retailer Madison & Mayfair, shares her top tips for how to brighten your home. Kate said: “In summer, we want to prioritise bright, playful decor to represent the lightness and excitement of the warmer weather. However, we can’t always expect the warm, dry climate that summer is supposed to offer, but this doesn’t need to stop us from ensuring our homes feel as summery as possible. By opting for a few subtle tweaks throughout our home, we can transform it into an inviting, warm and bright space, appropriate for the summer months.

Make use of bold patterns

“Using bright, eye-catching patterns is a summer staple. Your home will feel instantly transformed with a bold pattern.

“Vibrant patterns, perhaps leafy or Botanical styles, are a summer classic, with abstract designs an alternative route to help your home achieve a summer glow-up.”

Gingham has also been trending this year. If you’re looking to achieve a contemporary vibe in your home interior, using gingham is a very modern favourite.”

“Whether you opt for patterned ornaments or lamps, or larger pieces such as bed linens and throws, your home could become an uplifting summery sanctuary.”

Natural tones and styles

“I think that opting for a Mediterranean theme can really uplift your home. A bathroom with soft, natural materials like cottons, linens, and wicker, can really provide a lightness to your space that feels like summer. “You can inject these tones throughout your home”, adds Kate. “Scandi lighting is another suitable option, with an open rattan weave that provides summer breeziness to your decor.”

Summery scents

Igniting our senses beyond visual aesthetics is another way to create a summery home. “A refreshing scent can provide that instant summery feeling,”

“With lemon, orange, or green basil, these uplifting fragrances can really heighten the essence of the new season within your home.

“I recommend using diffusers or candles in the entrance of your home, offering that refreshing first impression to guests as they walk through the door.”

Fruity decor

“You can easily add personality to your home with fruit-themed decor, a popular design in recent months.

“From vases to jugs to crockery, you can create a whole collection of fruity items, perfect for summer days spent outside enjoying barbeques, as well as to keep the summer theme inside your home, in your kitchen and dining room.”

Citrus shades

“Bright colours are the essence of summer. They are a guaranteed way to freshen up your home.

“We are now becoming braver with our colour palettes, so I would recommend citrus shades for a summery feel.

“Lemon and lime hues can add a cheerful glow to your home and make an energising colour combination, perfect for achieving a summer-themed statement in your home.”