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Supporting women in the workplace when supporting women – an Affordable Justice story

Weaving threads of feminist empowerment

Finding a job that works around family and home life in the family law field is challenging. Long, unpredictable hours mean that many women solicitors get overwhelmed balancing motherhood and their personal lives with their professional lives. Adapting the structure of a working day to suit individual personal circumstances is an approach that Affordable Justice is integrating into its overall working practices as the company scales nationwide.

Affordable Justice is a charitable legal firm set up by women for women, specialising in family law for women who are no longer eligible for legal aid, but cannot afford commercial fees. It is a registered charity and non-profit Alternative Business Structure, which means it charges less than a third of standard fees. The company is growing rapidly and is looking to take on more women family law specialists across the UK to support a growing demand for its services.

“Since we were first established back in 2016, we have worked hard to ensure our business model responds to the inequalities inherent in the family law system. A recent independent report into our activities highlighted that the women we represented felt particularly heard and respected, and protected against what can be a traumatic legal process in the family courts. Our results speak for themselves – we are proud of a 97% success rate, obtaining the desired results for our clients,” commented Lisa Hilder, Affordable Justice director.

“Consequently, the positions we are seeking to fill offer a challenging, but highly satisfying role that is not only competitively paid compared with commercial firms, but is also flexible and works around your own circumstances.”

Affordable Justice is keen to tackle the inherently misogynistic family court system which tends to be stacked against women, placing them in a vulnerable position where they risk being retraumatized by their abusers who are seeking to continue exerting control. Weaving threads of feminist empowerment into the company’s working practices ensures its clients are positively represented at all times.

“To date we have helped over 1400 women escape deeply damaging, often violent, circumstances. Because our sole focus is on women and their children, we have a deep understanding of the ways in which the system is being manipulated by abusers who will do anything to continue exerting their control and sense of power. Through Affordable Justice, not only are women able to access that legal support and representation that is so important, but they can do so knowing that we do everything in our power on their behalf. This focused dedication is what makes us so successful.”

Affordable Justice is a multi award winning feminist charity established by women for women, offering opportunities to women who have experience in family law and family court proceedings seeking a more compatible and family friendly way of working than traditional legal firms.