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Most-asked questions around menstrual health globally based on search

The marketing experts at Semetrical have delved into the monthly search volume* of relevant keywords and terms to reveal the most-asked questions around menstrual health, globally.

Analysing search queries unveils the genuine concerns and questions of your target audience, providing insights into their needs and challenges, and therefore acts as an invaluable tool to identify their pain points and their needs.

By doing so, you can better understand your audience, tailor content to directly address customer queries, and establish authority and trust. All of this is key for nurturing customers all the way through to conversion.

Sophie Mizrachi, Content Manager at Semetrical says: “Search engines, particularly Google, have implemented various features to enhance the user experience and provide more direct and concise answers to queries. Two popular features in this regard are People Also Ask (PAA) and featured snippets. The prominence of these informational terms in SERPs can significantly benefit brand awareness and organic traffic for businesses.

“Similarly, featured snippets appear at the top of the search results, occupying the coveted ‘position zero’ offering immediate visibility and authority. Brands can benefit by optimising their content for featured snippets, answering user queries succinctly and becoming the go-to source for quick information. Being in the featured snippet significantly improves click-through rates, directing targeted traffic to the brand’s website.”

Semetrical have taken a closer look at some of the most-asked questions around menstrual health to demonstrate just how much you can learn about your customers from search*: 

  1. What is pcos – 96,000 (monthly search volume)
  2. How soon will a pregnancy test read positive – 73,000
  3. When to take a pregnancy test – 61,000
  4. How many days after your period can you get pregnant – 57,000
  5. What is ovulation – 57,000
  6. What is endometriosis – 56,000
  7. Why is my period late – 51,000
  8. How soon after unprotected can I test for pregnancy – 48,000
  9. What is menopause – 43,000
  10. How to stop period pain immediately – 39,000
  11. How early can I take a pregnancy test – 37,000
  12. How to induce period – 33,000
  13. How long does a period last – 32,000
  14. When does menopause start – 31,000
  15. When do pregnancy symptoms start – 31,000

For more information and to view the e-book in full, visit: https://www.semetrical.com/health-app-report/#download