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Leading Menopause Coach Partners With Clinic To Offer Tailored Nationwide Support


Hebden Bridge-based NU-U LAB has announced today that it has partnered with acclaimed menopause coach Emma Walkerdine to provide tailored support and advice for women in perimenopause and menopause across the UK.

NU-U LAB is a safe space that provides a holistic approach to ageing and transitioning. NU-U LAB provides a discrete one-to-one laser, aesthetics, and wellbeing service with clients across the UK. Clients receive expert advice and support in hormone health and wellbeing from dedicated experts, including Emma Quittenton, throughout their menopause journey.

Ruth Dewar, founder and CEO at NU-LAB, said, “Research shows that 60% of women only start looking into treatment for menopause once their symptoms have started. Even more shockingly, 90% of women today who are postmenopausal were never taught about it at school. Through NU-U LAB, we are enabling women to get informed and access practical support.”

Around a third of the entire UK female population, 13 million people, are living with a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms that can last for several years. With 90% of women having some form of menopause symptoms – with 1 in 10 having to stop work due to the impact – NU-U LAB is accessible to all women looking for tailored support and advice about menopause.

Menopause coach Emma Quittenton recognised the need for access to correct information and support after she suffered from anxiety and physical health issues several years ago.

Emma Quittenton says, “I had sought advice from healthcare providers and realised their knowledge was often limited and contradictory. I reached out to friends who also felt let down and confused. This convinced me to train as a menopause coach.”

In partnership with NU-U LAB, Emma runs 121 group sessions and individual coaching. The groups are small, with a maximum of ten women at each one, to ensure a safe and secure sharing space.

Speaking about the support women can get at the session, Emma says, “We look at everyone’s symptoms and how small changes to nutrition and movement can help.

“We teach gentle exercises to help with muscle and bone mass. I also explain HRT, giving the ladies the knowledge to make the right choices for their bodies and lifestyle. We chat about experiences with health care professionals, leading to role plays to help build confidence when speaking to their doctor or nurse. It’s part conversation and part education and lots of myth-busting. We end with breathing techniques for anxiety and relaxation. As much as I give knowledge, we all learn from each other.”

Emma’s Top Tip for women entering menopause are –  

  1. Pay attention to your body, learn to recognise changes, and listen to what it’s telling you
  2. Lift weights
  3. Talk to your mother or an older female biological relative if it’s possible, as menopause often follows patterns in families
  4. Talk to friends about changes. DO NOT be ashamed of menopause.
  5. Seek medical advice, but don’t be pushed in a way you don’t feel comfortable.

For more information on how NU-U LAB can support you during menopause and to book a session with its menopause coach Emma Quittenton, visit https://www.nu-ulaserandaesthetics.co.uk