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Apprentice winner Dr Leah Totton unveils new 30-minute menopause skin treatment

APPRENTICE winner Dr Leah Totton has unveiled a revolutionary treatment designed to reverse skin ageing caused by the menopause.

The new 30-minute procedure targets the neck, arms and hands, the three key areas most often affected.

The award-winning cosmetic doctor, who won Apprentice Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment in 2013, said the ‘Lanluma V‘ treatment is a more natural, safe alternative than going under the knife.

‘Lanluma V’  is an innovative treatment that is being hailed by some in the industry as a game-changing collagen injection due to its unique ability to generate high levels of collagen in three key areas of the body most commonly affected by menopause: the neck, arms and hands. The key ingredient is Poly-L-lactic acid, which has been successfully used in medicine for over 30 years. Its collagen boosting powers reveal more youthful-looking skin in a matter of weeks, with no need for filler or surgery.

Speaking on her return to work after welcoming her first child, Irish-born Dr Leah, 34, who recently celebrated her business being crowned ‘Most Trusted UK Clinic’, commented on the medical aesthetics industry’s new collagen boost treatment for menopause skin care to treat previously neglected areas which ‘give away age’

She said: “Lanluma V has enabled Dr Leah Clinics to be able to deliver targeted menopause skin treatments. Lanluma V is a collagen stimulating solution which when injected under the skin gradually stimulates your own natural collagen and elastin formation in the treated area. This works to improve skin quality in that area, smoothing crêpey skin and wrinkles and thus treats the signs of ageing in areas of the body that we have previously not been unable to, including necks, arms, hands and the stomach.

“We know a woman’s skin loses about 30 percent of its collagen during the first five years of menopause and this often has a visible effect on the appearance of skin on the body.  The neck, chest, arms and hands can display obvious signs of ageing, particularly in oestrogen- deficient skin, and these areas are often neglected when it comes to skincare and aesthetic treatments. Women typically notice these changes in their late 40’s to early 50’s but it can affect younger women who have premature menopause.

“Up until now, there were comparatively less effective treatments available for these areas versus the face. It is not uncommon therefore for the neck, arms or hands to appear more aged than the face and therefore a ‘give away’ of age, and we know from research that hands alone can be used as an accurate predictor of age.”

Mother-of-one Leah is now one of the most successful ever winners of the BBC show.

Her London based cosmetic clinics have been recently crowned “Most Trusted UK Clinics” and her company accounts filed in March reported a 50% rise in turnover for 2022, reaching £2.7m with Pre-tax profits of £900,000.

As well as her growing business success, Leah has been basking in the glow of motherhood, after recently giving birth to a baby daughter.

Dr Leah opened her first non-surgical cosmetic clinic in central London in 2014, but she now has three clinics, with a fourth due to open in 2024 .

Dr Leah Clinics have won multiple accolades, most recently recognised as the UK’s “Most Trusted Cosmetic Clinic”.

The company has also launched their own skincare products, a foaming cleanser and moisturiser as part of the Dr Leah Skincare range.

In an interview last year, Leah revealed that Lord Sugar has requested a Botox treatment once the company earns £1m in profit — a milestone which is getting closer.

Leah and Lord Sugar are the company’s sole directors.

For more on Lanluma V, visit https://www.drleah.co.uk/treatments/body-treatments/lanluma-v