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SkinGoal’s New Skincare Range is Helping Thousands Achieve Their Dream Skin Transformation

Finding the right products for a certain skin type and issues can be daunting, and most users tend to go through a wasteful and counterproductive trial-and-error process. SkinGoal’s new skincare range aims to be a more efficient, fully-customisable alternative by providing ad hoc Skin Kits.

For millions of people, finding the right skincare routine to optimise the skin’s appearance and reduce symptoms of conditions such as acne, dry skin, and again, has never been more difficult.

Knowing what’s best for one’s skin has never been more difficult

Each day, users are exposed to hundreds of ads for skin products and find themselves in the position of having to sift through a myriad of medical claims, without professional guidance.

What’s more, despite the availability of skin products for all conditions, the NHS estimates that 95% of people aged 11 to 30 will deal with acne at some point, while 60% of the UK population deals with a skin condition every year.

Through the new Skin Kit range, SkinGoal aims to provide an accessible, straightforward, and efficient alternative to the trial-and-error process, which can be both wasteful and detrimental for users.

One in five unhappy with their appearance, British Skin Foundation reports

According to a 2021 survey by the British Skin Foundation conducted on 201 people, 18% of users are unhappy with their appearance and 20% were unhappy with their skin.

Even more, interestingly, 15% of those unhappy with their skin would turn to family and friends for recommendations, while only 11% would consult a dermatologist. Lastly, while 83% of people consider their appearance to be critical to their general well-being, nearly 40% say their condition isn’t serious enough to vouch for a GP visit.

At a glance, these statistics show that, despite people’s desire to improve their skin, finding guidance and help to start a skin transformation journey is all but easy.

SkinGoal founder Penny Davis has experienced it firsthand: “I get it, I am a middle-aged woman and watching our skin and body change with the ageing process can be disconcerting – to say the least!”

But she believes that the right skincare can have a transformative effect on people’s lives: “However, certainly on the skin front, I know that with excellent, clinical-grade products that if used correctly, at the right frequency and in conjunction with other similar products can certainly make some marked improvements and in some cases, some huge improvements.”

The SkinGoal way: a new approach to skin transformation

SkinGoal founder Penny Davis has developed a new range of Skin Kits to make it easier for those whose skin has lost brightness and youthfulness to rediscover their natural beauty. Designed by skin experts, each kit is created to address a specific condition, such as acne, menopause complications, or ageing. The kits are fully customisable, suitable for all people, and designed to help users navigate a skincare world that has become all the more confusing.

For those struggling to find the right skincare for their needs or getting lost in terms like “vitamin D”, “Hyaluronic acid”, or “retinol”, SkinGoal becomes a single go-to alternative. Penny Davis recommends “Leave that to us, we are the skin experts, in a couple of clicks you can find the right Skin Kit to start you on your skin journey to fresh, youthful and healthy skin.”

Thanks to SkinGoal’s Skin Kits, users can put a stop to trying endless, inefficient skin care regimes or spending hours researching all the chemicals entering the industry.
For more information in getting started on their skin transformation journey more information can be can obtained from SkinGoal’s press contact Penny Davis.
All Skin Kits, instructions, and links to book an initial consultation can be found on SkinGoal’s website: https://skingoal.shop/.