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New platform Earneco rewards members for their attention

Earneco is a bold new platform in the earned and owned digital economy. By offering its users monetary rewards for watching adverts, engaging with brands, and reviewing purchases, Earneco gives control back to the user and allows them to advertise on their own terms.

Earneco Founder and CEO Helene Hall says “Earneco was born out of an understanding of the advertising industry and with a strong desire to rebalance the power of attention back to the attention holder. At Earneco, our mission is to revolutionise advertising for consumers and brands. We want consumers to control the ads they watch, by tailoring this to their self-selected interests and rewarding them for their time and attention. In return, the feedback and interaction will help brands shape and better understand their advertising and product offering to their target market, therefore creating a unique win/win for both consumers and brands.”

Earneco has initially launched in the health and beauty sector as an invite-only web app, with passionate beauty fanatics, each of whom is able to invite others to join the app. Any non-invited users can join the waiting list to participate in the beauty revolution.  Currently, Earneco members can expect to be rewarded with an amazon voucher each month and soon beauty boxes (RRP £15), but earning potential is limitless.

Early adopter Chloe McDonald, Accounts Assistant, NHS saysI’ve been using Earneco since it launched as I really love make-up and skincare!  It’s been great to find out about the different products; it’s surprising how little I know and at the same time, I’ve been earning enough money for a few coffees or a beauty product each month! It’s so helpful given the cost-of-living increases and it’s by far the easiest side-hustle if you’re interested in beauty!”

Earneco offers brands higher Click Through Rates (CTRs), increased conversion rates, incentivised brand engagement, virality and a self-selected audience interested in their products.Revenue is shared 50/50 with the viewer with complete transparency and creates a rare environment for closer customer-to-brand relationships.

Chris Bullick, Managing Director at The Pull Agency says; “As an agency working closely with Brands in the health and beauty sector, we see a real need for closer brand relationship with consumers, and the desire for higher ROAS. Earneco is changing the status quo, delivering a unique relationship between consumers and brands, which is perfect timing for the recession and shifting trends.”


To watch a short video on how Earneco works go here