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North Wales author launches historical fiction novel set in North Wales

BRETHREN by Robb Pritchard launches this week

North Wales author, Robb Pritchard, is excited to release his first historical fiction novel set in the breathtaking landscape of North Wales.

Two thousand years ago much of North Wales was populated by the ‘Celtic’ Ordovice tribe. In 77 AD they were nearly wiped out by the Romans and their story was almost lost to history.

Brethren is a semi-historical story set in North Wales in AD 77, Britannia, and tells the tale of Cadwal, a widowed Celtic warrior, who fights to safeguard his tribe from Rome’s expanding empire, but with an ailing king and power-hungry rivals, treachery is rife.

When neighbouring enemies infiltrate his mountain stronghold, his young sons are ripped from his arms and he is sold into slavery.

Knowing he must escape from the depths of the mines, he faces a choice to either save his tribe from the onslaught of the Romans, or his sons.

To save both he’ll have to pitch the dreaded druids against an untrusted ruler.

If he succeeds, his people can fight.

If they fail, there won’t be enough left living to remember the dead.

Robb grew up in Wrexham and although he knew that ancient peoples used to live in the hillforts scattered around the landscape, not until he read a 2000 year old text did he learn what happened to the iron-age Ordovice tribe. A few lines about them survive in a Roman text and their long-forgotten story was something he thought was worth telling.  It’s a captivating, well written tale written by an author who has thoroughly researched the history of the lands he explored as a child.

The book is a Labour of love and has been 5 years in the writing, however Robb isn’t resting on his laurels as the book is the first book in a series – his next is already underway and Magnus Maximus (Macsen Wledig) and Saint Elen will feature in the next book.

Brethren is available on Amazon, Kindle edition priced just £2.79, paperback from £7.26