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Discover Saudi Arabia on your next holiday.

Suppose you’re tired of the usual vacation plans and are more interested in a different and exotic destination. This will inspire you and get you running till you can plan your next vacation. In that case, we advise you to consider visiting the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Yes, that’s right, the Middle Eastern giant opened up the first tourist visa in decades. People from all over the world are now allowed to visit and embrace Saudi monuments and culture.

Luckily, it is easy to travel nowadays, and reaching faraway lands is easier than ever. With digital and technological advancements, we can quickly communicate, fulfill entry requirements, and solve transportation and accommodation problems. An example of this is iVisa, a helpful tool we found online. It guides you through the entire process, providing helpful information before you head to your destination and processing the documents you’ll need.

In a matter of minutes, you will get your travel documentation from the comfort of where you are. It is highly recommended to do so with time in advance to avoid setbacks when you begin your journey and enter the Saudi Kingdom. You can check out their customer reviews and explore their website to learn more about the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa. Also, get started with your application by following a few steps and answering some basic questions. Additionally, they can help you take your photo without requiring a professional photography studio. On top of that, you will be assigned an iVisa expert to guide you and help you get your Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa.

Saudi Arabia has long been known as an economic power in the Middle East and for being a prosperous and luxurious land. When you arrive in Saudi Arabia, you will witness all of this for yourself and be astonished by the harmonious mixture of modern and traditional Arab architecture. Visit Riyadh, and enjoy the beautiful sites of tall skyscrapers in the business district, like one of the most luxurious malls in the city, the Al Faisaliah skyscraper.

Discover some exciting activities you can do in the desert, like extreme sports camping and visiting Al Ula, located on the ancient incense route. One of the best things you can do is spend a few nights in the middle of the desert in luxurious, fully conditioned caravans. These will serve you like a five-star hotel and provide you with the finest meals and beverages. for a memorable stay.

Another fantastic thing worth visiting is an incredible art piece in the middle of the desert sands. A glass building reminds spectators of the harsh conditions of living in the desert. Their ancestors had to endure difficulties, strive in the desert sands, and confront a mirage, even close to certain death. Despite these challenges, they stand firm, proud, and present.

Head to the crown jewel of Saudi landmarks, Hegra. This UNESCO archaeological site is the remains of an ancient civilization, the Nabateans. They governed the trade routes up to the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea.

The same people created this site to protect the city of Petra in Jordan from the Roman invaders. Hegra, however, is not only more prominent and more imposing but holds 111 tombs that were carved in the petroglyphs thousands of years ago.

Combined with their 2035 vision, all of these are only the beginning for the Arab nation. Sustainable, smart cities, which integrate harmoniously with their surroundings and supply all the necessary elements for the population, are just the foundation of the fourth industrialization.

Despite Saudi Arabia being long perceived by the west as a traditional strict society, the reality is that the population, as well as the governmental perception and approach towards these changes, are more connected with globalization.

Today, the Kingdom’s priorities are not confined to technological advancements and daring urban planning and design. They include the restoration of all the country’s Islamic and archaeological heritage.

Enjoy the Arab culture and be delighted by its exquisite cuisine. Locals are eager to interact with travelers and share their customs and culture.

There are hardly any excuses for you not to start planning your trip now and experience a faraway land and a hospitable culture that will undoubtedly mark you.