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‘City Hospice helps me live a good life’

A palliative care patient who is being cared for by City Hospice is supporting the charity’s Forever Flowers campaign this year.

Forever Flowers provides the public with an opportunity to unite and remember cherished family members, friends and loved ones. A unique and lasting tribute, supporters are invited to purchase a limited-edition flower which will feature in a striking display at Cardiff Castle from Saturday July 30 to Sunday August 14.

Amy-Claire Davies, 27, has an incurable degenerative disease and has been under the care of City Hospice for nearly 8 years.

Despite chronic pain and daily symptoms including fatigue, nausea and seizures, Amy-Claire is a passionate volunteer disability activist and recently shared her experience as a palliative care patient at the official launch of Forever Flowers at the Senedd.

Amy-Claire Davies said: “The most important thing City Hospice does is to help me live a good life, as much as possible, for as long as possible. My life may not look like most 27-year old’s, but the care and support of City Hospice has helped me to shape a full and happy life.

“I enjoy going swimming most mornings, spending time with family and friends, taking the dog for a walk, drinking far too much coffee from Costa and going on adventures like watching the sunrise on Oxwich Bay.

“Of course, one day my hospice will care for me when I die. We’ve had many difficult conversations about the end of my life and what I want that to look like. Whilst these conversations are never easy, they are filled with far more humour and love than many people would imagine and I feel safe in the knowledge that City Hospice will do everything in their power to ensure that I, one day, will have a good death.”

Amy-Claire hopes that this year’s Forever Flowers campaign will be more successful than ever, raising funds and awareness to help City Hospice continue to care for people with terminal or life limiting illnesses and their loved ones.

Amy-Claire added: “So much of what City Hospice does is clinical care, but they also offer other types of excellent practical support such as counselling, accessing complementary therapies and navigating the complex maze that is the benefits system. One of the most valuable parts of hospice care is emotional support; hospice care is so often about knowing you’re not alone on this journey. I’d like to thank City Hospice for making my journey such a truly wonderful one and I hope we will have many more years of travelling together.”