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TIBCO GatherSmart Enables Safe Practices for Students During the Pandemic

TIBCO has announced how its advanced COVID-19 symptom-tracking solution TIBCO GatherSmart® has played an important role in supporting schools and colleges throughout the pandemic to create a safe and responsible environment for teachers and students.


“The pandemic has had far-reaching effects on everyone, but in particular, our youth have seen significant change in their lives over such a short time,” said Nelson Petracek, global chief technology officer, TIBCO. “It is exceptionally rewarding to witness how technology can support safe back-to-school practices, enable the careful return of students and educators, and subsequently promote continued learning and social interactions. GatherSmart, simple in design but powerful in its application, surfaces the insights needed by schools and organisations to make the tough decisions. It automates the checks required to ensure the safe return of all individuals; in a sense, it becomes the gatekeeper that keeps institutions safer for everyone.”


Used by education institutions and organisations of all sizes, GatherSmart®, a TIBCO4Good™ initiative, is an at-cost solution for businesses and communities to monitor COVID-19 proactively. Built on the TIBCO® Connected Intelligence Cloud, the offering is used as a symptom-tracking solution that can be integrated into enterprise-wide applications and data sets for more holistic monitoring through the combination of APIs.


Immanuel Lutheran School, Illinois

Immanuel Lutheran School in Illinois started COVID-19 tracking using a paper-based system managed by staff members who physically input answers from students and parents on arrival to track symptoms and temperatures. When the school decided it needed a more reliable system, their head of IT, Bill McLane, suggested the use of GatherSmart. “With the help of TIBCO, we had GatherSmart up and running in one week, and now over 80% of our student body and staff uses it,” said McLane. “Parents use it when dropping off kids, and it greatly expedites getting children safely into school. The passport application is tremendously successful, and we will continue to apply it through the end of the pandemic.”


Morgan State University, Maryland

When looking for a safe way to reintroduce students to campus for the school season, Morgan State University in Maryland also elected to implement GatherSmart. “We collaborated with TIBCO to implement a convenient technology-based solution that enhances the health and safety protocols that we put in place to protect our Morgan community during the pandemic,” said Adebisi Oladipupo, Sc.D., vice president, Division of Information Technology and CIO, Morgan State University. “The ease of use of the GatherSmart application allowed members of our community, even the least tech-savvy among us, to be active participants in furthering the safety of our environment while amplifying the peace of mind that it offered.”


TIBCO GatherSmart is designed to provide a safe, easy-to-manage solution for all types and sizes of organizations as they return to work and school while adjusting to a post-pandemic life.


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