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Dogged determination to learn Welsh for Overlooked Rescue Dog

An overlooked rescue dog is being taught Welsh in a bid to find him a happy forever home.

Buddy – or Bilingual Buddy as the team have lovingly named him – is being taught training command words in Welsh by his Canine Carer Lizzie Smith, who is learning the language too. After receiving very little interest since arriving in their care, Lizzie is on a mission to give Buddy a ‘leg up’ and expand his rehoming potential to both English and Welsh speaking families, whilst using it as an opportunity to practise her own Welsh.

The loveable one-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross has already mastered some basic commands in Welsh, such as eistedd (sit), i lawr (down), aros (stay), yma (here), pawen (paw) and da (good).

Lizzie said: “Buddy is an amazing dog but since arriving with us, he hasn’t had much interest from potential new families which is really sad as he would make a great pet. I spend a lot of time with Buddy so thought I’d use our training time as a way to teach him some new tricks – or in this case – a new language! He’s such a keen student and so clever, I think he picked up the words quicker than I did.

“He knows all his basic commands in English, but now that he knows them in Welsh too, we’re really hoping we see more families come forward interested in adopting him”

Buddy is looking for an adult-only, calm home with patient adopters who will continue with his training. He is a sweet and sensitive boy who takes a little bit of time to get to know new people so his new family will need to visit several times to build up a bond.


Kim Davies, Deputy Manager at Dogs Trust Cardiff, said: “Buddy is an adorable boy and Lizzie has been working so hard to go the extra mile to help find him a home. Like all our dogs, we want Buddy to go to a loving home – although in this case, it would be a bonus if they are also bilingual!”

“Once he knows you, he enjoys the company of people and if you have toys or treats with you, this is a sure way to win him over. Buddy needs time and patience to settle into his new home and gain confidence, but once he does, he will make a loyal and loving companion.”

If you’re interested in giving Buddy a home, please visit www.dogstrust.org.uk/rehoming to start the virtual adoption process.