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Introducing the YO! DORITOS® Ongiri Katsu Krunch! East meets West with full-on KRUNCH

Fusing Japanese expertise with a legendary brand, YO! and DORITOS® have joined forces in an exciting year-long collaboration. First up on the menu is a brand-new dish to tickle tastebuds from the first bite – the YO! DORITOS® Ongiri Katsu Krunch!

YO!’s krunchiest creation yet is available across the UK at YO! restaurants from TODAY to coincide with National Curry Week (4 – 10 October), allowing customers to enjoy two lunchtime favourites in ONE hybrid dish that’s bursting with flavour, and takes on the iconic triangular DORITOS® shape.

The YO! DORITOS® Ongiri Katsu Krunch comprises of a layer of shredded spicy chicken sandwiched between triangles of perfect sushi rice and wrapped in sheets of nori. Now for the best bit – it’s coated in a layer of crushed DORITOS® Chilli Heatwave, and fried until crisp to make it as CRUNCHY as possible. You’ll find it served in a pool of everyone’s favourite Japanese curry, katsu sauce, and topped with pickled red and spring onions. Drooling yet?

Veggies don’t need to miss out as there’s also Spicy Shiitake Mushroom & Sushi Rice with a DORITOS® Chilli Heatwave Krunch which is just as indulgent and an explosion of colour on your tastebuds.

YO! DORITOS® Ongiri Katsu Krunch


Luke Braithwaite, YO! Development Chef said: ‘Like YO!, DORITOS® is a brand that is bold, they champion intense flavours and they’re not afraid to be creative. Over the past couple of months, we’ve really enjoyed working with them and we decided to focus on how we can integrate the full-on crunch of DORITOS®  that customers know and love, and honestly, we’ve SMASHED it! Our YO! DORITOS® Ongiri Katsu Krunch dishes are the perfect East meets West collaboration and we can’t wait for customers to try them for themselves!”