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Why you should consider working out on a hoverboard

Whilst a hoverboard might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you are online shopping for home fitness equipment, here are five reasons why the new Official Hoverboard G2 8.5″ Off Road Hummer could become your new workout buddy, and a fun way to tone up and shed those lockdown pounds:

It really does count as exercise: the combination of engaging your muscles to ride the board, along with balancing and shifting, means you will be burning around 300 calories in 30 minutes, which is the same as the average runner would burn in the same time. A great option if running causes stress on your knees or joints.

You can listen to music: the G2 Off-Road Hummer comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, so you can listen to motivating tunes (or podcasts) as you ride. And artists such as Lily Allen and Justin Bieber are hoverboard fans, why not add them to your playlist?

It is brilliant for posture, reflexes and concentration: shake off that WFH hunch; riding a hoverboard encourages you to keep your back straight and it strengthens your abs. Furthermore, adjusting your posture to balance as you pick up speed requires the sort of focus, concentration and swift reflexes that you might otherwise find playing squash or fencing.

You can explore, off-road: The G2 Off Road Hummer has 8.5″ solid rubber grip cross-country tyres and an aluminium upper body shell, making it suitable for off-road use. That means it can be used on bumpy ground, grass, gravel – and even hills!

You can do a full board workout: with a bit of practise (and a few Youtube tutorials) you’ll be able to master squats, spins and using light weights, whilst balancing on your hoverboard – it’s a great way to isolate your abs and glutes and push your workout further.

The G2 8.5″ Off Road Hummer from Official Hoverboard, is currently available at an early bird discount price of £279 (RRP £399). Official Hoverboard recommends wearing helmets and pads whilst using their boards. Always consult your GP if in doubt about undertaking an exercise programme. https://www.officialhoverboard.co.uk/collections/off-road-hummer-8-5