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Brands unite ahead of Pride month to create at-home mocktail kit championing LGBTIQ+ icons

With a lot of the Pride events being cancelled due to COVID-19, are you searching for a way to celebrate at home this year? Binary Botanical and Queers Without Beers have just the solution…

A group of brands have come together ahead of Pride celebrations in June to create a Rainbow Cocktail Box to celebrate iconic figures within the LGBTIQ+ community.

Launched by Binary Botanical, who make a sustainable beer from hop leaves aimed at wine lovers, the drinks included are all of non-alcoholic persuasion, which is why Club Soda and Queers without Beers were the perfect partners.

The box itself contains five bottles of 0.5% beers from Binary Botanical Gimber, 2 bottles of Twelve below tonic, one bottle of Jeffrey’s tonic and Pimento ginger and chilli – enough to create eight tasty cocktails – each one representing a fabulous LGBTIQ+ icon from the creative Lana Wachowski, to the talented Billy Porter.

The Rainbow Cocktails are dedicated to some fabulous queer heroes. Named Oscars Carnation, Eltons’ Rocket, Gentleman Jack, Binary Bikini Bliss, Billy’s Berries, Wachowski Wonder, David David David, Cox on the Rocks and Virgin Wolf, each celebrates the diversity of the queer community. So whether you are celebrating Pride or just here for the inspirational icons there is a cocktail to suit you!

Queers Without Beer and Binary Botanical have teamed up to run alcohol-free cocktail masterclasses and parties for their 5000 strong QWB community over the summer to celebrate both the launch of the cocktail box and Pride – wherever in the country you happen to live. Event-goers can order the Rainbow cocktail box from online retailer Wisebartender and join in the masterclass and meet other members of Queers Without Beers. The virtual dates for your diary are 23rd June and 18th August and the events will be published at:

https://www.facebook.com/queerswithoutbeershttps://joinclubsoda.com/events/ and https://www.meetup.com/Queers-Without-Beers/

What’s more, the box is being sold at cost to the brands for £19.99 so as to offer affordable drinks to those wishing to embrace a non-alcoholic alternative this summer.

Danielle Bekker, founder of Binary Botanical said:

“I loved researching all the amazing LGBTIQ+ icons.  There were so many that it was difficult to narrow it down to just eight icons.  It’s about fun, celebration and being in complete awe of what they achieved.”

Laura Willoughby MBE & Josh Kelly – co-organisers of Queers Without Beers said:

“Just because you are drinking less it does not mean you can’t whip up a stunning cocktail to impress your friends. Our creations are designed to enjoy at virtual parties and garden meet-ups as well as to join together to celebrate pride. The cocktails have all been inspired by queer icons chose by other members. We are very excited that these drinks could catch on with queer venues across the country so everyone can feel welcome.”

About The Rainbow Box

  • The cost is £19.99 per box – no profit made on the box
  • Eight icons representing eight cocktails
  • Available on The Wisebartender website throughout summer from 1st May 2021
  • The cocktails are inspired by different LGBTQ+ icon, designed by Marco from Binary Botanical
  • Each box will contain a recipe booklet for all the cocktails

Available from May 1st 2021 throughout summer, the boxes can be purchased from The Wisebartender website.