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We’re all ‘Magical Thinkers’ – but here’s how to ‘use it’ for powerful personal development

“Magical thinking infuses all of our lives, even though most of us don’t realise it, and channelled correctly it can have the potential to add the ‘abracadabra’ to personal transformation,” say coaching course leaders Kirsty Lucinda Allan and Dr Morgana McCabe Allan.

The team behind a new online course believe that 2021 is the year that we move up from manifesting and mood boarding and discover the super-powers of magical thinking.


So what is magical thinking?

According to Wikipedia it’s the belief that unrelated events are causally connected, despite the absence of any plausible causal link between them, particularly as a result of supernatural events.

But for Kirsty and Dr Morgana, who have spent the last few years delving deeper into the power of magical thinking, it goes further than this.

The pair say: “Whenever we engage with the experience of similarity, where things ‘resonate’ in a harmonious experience of belonging and excitement, or we are drawn to something on a holistic level – that is magical thinking unfolding.

“It is also apparent whenever we experience a sense of contagion, where something unwanted is attaching to or affecting us, causing us to feel distress or disgust.”


Magical Thinking in 2021

They continue: “In an age where global struggles are at their most complex, humanity is re-discovering its spirit, its agency and its fundamental way of being in the world, through the embracing of mindfulness, cosmic interconnectedness and creative exploration from within. Hence we’re seeing a significant return in the use of magical thinking to create positive change. In essence, there is a global shift in consciousness that allows for choice, growth and agency like never before.

“The magic was never gone, it’s just never actually been well researched because early science filed it under superstition. Magical thinking shouldn’t be seen as a strange, fringe or niche, but as a birthright of all people. As crucial to business as bankers. It’s not a coincidence that so many CEO’s claim intuition is what guides their business – it’s the power of magical thinking. Everyone deserves to have that power.

“We are undeniably uncovering the ancient truth for this radical new era: that we are the magic of the universe.”


Using Magical Thinking For Positive Change

“Whether anyone is ‘conscious of magical thinking happening’ or not, the underlying element is that everyone holds the magic within them to use the thoughts, feelings and beliefs associated with it as a powerful way to intentionally create positive lasting change and growth in our lives that brings this magic to the fore.

“And there are five key ways to channel these super powers to create change in ways that can transform your life.”


Five steps to channelling your magical super-powers

1. Conscious rituals can create great unconscious habits

It’s often overlooked, but the things that you do ‘deliberately’ can amplify magical thinking. One area of your life where you might already be applying this thinking is within self-care routines, where you create positive daily habits which illicit a health and wellbeing benefit.


These conscious physical rituals shouldn’t be confused with affirmations. Although they are a popular manifesting practice, they don’t go far enough to support an amazing positive outcome. You can say all the nice things you like, but research consistently shows that the body holds on to negative experiences and trauma, even if you’re practicing trying to change the thoughts.


Make the change a more physical, action based one by physically doing something linked to where your want to be in life – and this will bring the ingredients to create the greater change.

2. Choose your ‘intentions’ – but choose them carefully

When you’re choosing your intentions – be very careful what you wish for. It’s important that you hone in on who you want to be and how you want to feel. Keep your intentions simple – and try to not focus on material things.

You may believe that a new house, a new car or a new job will make your life better but if you look deep within yourself it will be something else which is at the root of your true happiness.

Choose intentions that are about who you want to be not what you want to have. People who feel lucky are luckier. People who believe they will heal have a higher chance of healing. And people who believe they are well loved experience a higher wellbeing.

3. Think and act in 3D

A crucial thing about magical thinking is using it to make your intentions 3D and not just imaginary. For example, if you dream about living in a beautiful beach house then bringing things into to your home, such as shells, driftwood, coastal scents, colours, etc, means that you’re really taking yourself towards and tapping into the energy that you want to experience.

Be intentional about how you engage with these 3D manifestations of your intentions – direct love towards them and don’t treat them like a passive thing – perhaps you could dedicate a small area of your home to your beach house dream where you can sit and interact with these physical objects daily.

Although contagion has a negative connotation (especially in today’s world), contagion can also be very positive – joy for example, can be contagious. Think about a person or business who you really look up to and admire – maybe there’s an artist really evokes this success. Owning a piece of work by that artist or bringing something into your home that has a direct connection with your hero can have incredible magic for you.

4. Be intentional

Be intentional in every area of your life, including  choosing what  to wear, how you do your hair, and the jewellery that you wear.

Disneybounding is a great example of this. It’s a form of positive contagion that makes use of fictional characters. By dressing up (subtly or overtly) as an admired character or person, we can feel more of the parts of ourselves that resonate with their best traits. This can be something as simple as putting on work clothes rather than pyjamas to feel more professional, right through to some fun fancy dress, like Wonder Woman! The concept is the same – it’s how the type of clothing connects you to the magic inside yourself, in your body’s own language of magical signs.

5. Everything manifests – so remove the things you’re not resonating with

Everything manifests, even if you don’t realise it. You may have a room or cupboard crammed full of clutter. Just because the door is closed, doesn’t mean that these things aren’t acting upon you.

Remove the things that are not resonating with the best version of you that you can imagine. Physically decluttering your living space and keeping only the things that you truly need to help you

achieve your goals or that will impact you positively is incredibly powerful. As is deleting the apps that are sucking up your time or the clothes that are making you feel bad about yourself.


Going forward, ask yourself before you buy something (and when reviewing things you already have) – is this a great collaboration for my best life? Or is it taking time, energy, money?

For more information about Magical Thinking and for details on Kirsty and Morgana’s courses and content, please visit https://manifest.faithcraftltd.com/