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Pizza restaurant owner breaks up with Just Eat in a Poem for Valentine’s Day

Video of Ryan Lynch ending his relationship with Just Eat emerges after he battled the aggregator for months, as experts calculate Just Eat, Deliveroo and UberEats take £6.6m from UK restaurants on the most romantic day of the year

Just Eat, Deliveroo and UberEats took an estimated £6.6m from UK restaurants on Valentine’s Day alone, according to analysis by Peter Backman, the country’s independent restaurant consultant.

Ryan Lynch, the owner of the DOUGH pizza chain in Liverpool, after a long and hard-fought battle with the tech giant, has published his break-up poem with Just Eat on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In his video, Lynch explains that Just Eat has been taking over 20% of his revenues and enough is enough.

The entrepreneur who owns three restaurants across Merseyside has also sent customers a text message with a version of the poem and outlining his decision to come off the platform.

Ryan also took to twitter to publicly breakup with the delivery platform with a tongue-in-cheek ‘roses are red, violets are blue, you’ve screwed me over, now I’m leaving you’ poem:

Now, DOUGH has established its own website and app using Flipdish, Europe’s leading online ordering and loyalty platform for takeaways and restaurants. With the business now not giving away so much revenue to Just Eat, the pizzeria is offering customers 14% off this Valentine’s weekend.

Seeing what was unfolding, Flipdish decided to step in

Ryan Lynch, owner of DOUGH in Liverpool has said:

When a relationship is only beneficial for one partner, it’s time to end it. This was exactly the case with Just Eat. They promised me the world but delivered nothing but disappointment. If I use its delivery service, Just Eat charges me 33 percent plus VAT on every order. It was outrageous. At a time when the whole hospitality industry is struggling, I’ve decided enough is enough.

“Building my own website and app, I’m back in control and making more money. Orders are up 59%, with one Friday night seeing us up a crazy 371%, and profits have increased 64%. In fact, we’re now in a position to launch our fourth and fifth restaurants, including the first from JML Restaurant Group’s new brand, BRGR.

“I want to give some of the savings back to my loyal customers which is why I’m offering 14% off this weekend. I also cannot stress enough how much other restaurants should be brave and do the same because we certainly aren’t looking back. 

Fionn Hart, UK Country Manager at Flipdish, has stepped in: “Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate the special and important relationships in your life. Sadly for Ryan, he realised his business is not in one and this story is all too familiar.

“A restaurants’ biggest love affair is with their customers. By having an online platform where they can order from the restaurant directly, they can start taking back control.”

Peter Backman calculated how much the aggregators will earn on Valentine’s Day by factoring in over 140 variables, covering 100+ sectors and subsectors.