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The most well known and forgotten myths and legends of Britain’s favourite staycation locations

The UK’s options for holidays may feel like they’ve been limited because of coronavirus, but this small island has hundreds of beautiful staycation locations to choose from, and some of them even have exciting myths and legends to match!

To bring back that holiday fever everyone’s been missing, CitySuites, have tested the public’s knowledge of some of the UK’s myths and legends, to see if they could guess where each one originated from.

The survey, which questioned 2,000 adults, showed just how easy it is to get locations mixed up, with, for example, people guessing Cornwall as the location of the Hairy Hands of Dartmoor, instead of Devon.

According to CitySuites research, unsurprisingly, the most well-known myth in the UK is the Loch Ness Monster, with 64% of people matching it to its correct location.

The legend of Robin Hood was next, with 60% of participants choosing the right location.

But myths such as The Green Fairy Hills or The Borrowed Cauldron puzzled people the most. Only 1% of those surveyed selected the right location for The Green Fairy Hills and only 3% for The Borrowed Cauldron.

The figures showed that the Isle of Wight was the most chosen location, being the top incorrect guess for a total of five myths and legends.

Northern Ireland residents were most likely to admit that they don’t know a number of these legends, closely followed by Scotland and Yorkshire.