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Finding a Safe Haven and Lifelong Friendships in a Coastal Retirement Community

June Ramsamy, a vibrant woman in her mid 50s, has found her slice of paradise in East Haven, a remarkable retirement development nestled in the coastal town of Clacton-on-Sea.

Through My Future Living, June has been renting a delightful one-bedroom apartment since February 2023, and she couldn’t be happier. Embracing the social aspects of living in a retirement community and relishing the feeling of safety and security, June has truly found a place she can call home.

Although June is originally from Mauritius, her heart has long belonged to the United Kingdom. After spending most of her life in East London and, more recently, Basildon, she decided to return to her homeland in 2017 after the passing of her father. However, her time in Mauritius made her realise that her true sense of belonging lay in the UK. Yearning for the companionship and familiar surroundings she had missed June made the decision to return.

June reflects, “After my Dad died, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go back to my roots. With my health challenges, I had to leave work in 2008, and I thought the sunny climate and laid-back lifestyle in Mauritius would be beneficial for me. However, life taught me that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and it didn’t suit me as well as I had hoped. So, upon returning to the UK, I faced the task of finding a new place to live, and that’s when East Haven came into my life. Although I had never been to Clacton-on-Sea and had never considered renting, I was immediately captivated by the charm of this development. In that moment, I knew it was the ideal place for me.”

One of the main attractions for June was the pet-friendly environment offered at East Haven. During her time in Mauritius, she had rescued three dogs, and bringing one of them—Bailey, a lovable Griffon cross—back with her was a top priority. Knowing that her four-legged companion would be welcome within the community was a source of immense comfort and joy.

Moreover, living alone with health concerns, June sought a supportive and friendly community. The emergency cords placed in her apartment provided an additional layer of reassurance, assuring her that help would be readily available if the need arose.

June explains, “While I wanted to maintain my independence, having previously owned my own home, I also longed for the sense of community that a retirement development could provide. East Haven has allowed me to strike this perfect balance. The apartment is simply wonderful, and the people within the community are genuinely friendly and welcoming. The manager, in particular, keeps a vigilant eye out for everyone’s well-being.”

Although June arrived at East Haven without knowing anyone, she has quickly forged lasting friendships. Many of her companions are older than her, but age has proven to be inconsequential in the warmth and camaraderie they share. The development organises regular social activities, such as delightful coffee mornings, which June eagerly participates in.

Due to her health limitations, June’s outings are primarily limited to walking her cherished dog. Therefore, having vibrant social events right on her doorstep has been a true blessing. Gone are the days of loneliness she experienced in Mauritius; now, residing at East Haven, June perpetually feels a deep sense of belonging and never-ending companionship.

Apart from the pet-friendly policy, June also enjoys several other benefits that come with renting in a retirement development the fact she no longer has to worry about maintenance and upkeep. Also, the option of assured or lifetime tenancies provides her with long-term security and peace of mind that she will never have to leave providing she keeps to her tenancy agreement.