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The 15 Most Beautiful Places For Winter Walks Revealed In New Study


  • London is the most beautiful destination for a winter walk, according to Instagram hashtag data
  • Paris places second followed by Tokyo, Sydney, and Prague
  • 10 of the top 15 most picturesque walking destinations are located in Europe

A new study by sportswear retailer, Pour Moi, has revealed that London is the most beautiful city for winter walks in 2023.

By analysing Instagram hashtag data, Pour Moi discovered the cities in which people are documenting their walks, proving London to be the most Insta-worthy destination to strut your stuff. For a capital city, London is impressively leafy which makes for plenty of beautiful walking options; such as St James’ Park, where you can admire the weeping willows, spot some pelicans, and end your route outside Buckingham Palace. Or if you want to follow the canals, Little Venice through to Camden gives plenty of photo opportunities alongside excellent foodie pit stops.

Paris is the second most beautiful city to walk in this winter with over 68,600 Instagram posts of people capturing their steps around the French capital. From a stroll along the Grands Boulevards to a walk in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, you can live your best Emily in Paris life by pulling on your favourite leisurewear and taking in the Parisian scenery.

Tokyo completes the top three with over 40,100 posts from those sharing their cold walks around the Japanese city. The bright neon lights of Tokyo are closely followed by Australia’s Sydney, which is the fourth most beautiful city to wander around and get your heart rate up.

European cities dominate the top 15 list; Paris and London are first and second, Prague is fifth, then Berlin, Venice, Barcelona, Rome and Edinburgh occupy positions seven to 11, respectively. Athens is the 13th most beautiful place to don your favourite matching set and get walking, and Madrid rounds off the list in 15th place.

The Top 15 Most Beautiful Cities For A Winter Walk

  1. London – 235,144 hashtags
  2. Paris – 68,609 hashtags
  1. Tokyo – 40,118 hashtags
  1. Sydney – 31,229 hashtags
  1. Prague – 20,370 hashtags
  1. Toronto – 17,970 hashtags
  1. Berlin – 17,860 hashtags
  1. Venice – 17,455 hashtags
  1. Barcelona – 15,639 hashtags
  1. Rome – 14,627 hashtags
  1. Edinburgh – 13,704 hashtags
  1. New York – 13,207 hashtags
  1. Athens – 13,185 hashtags
  1. Dubai – 12,231 hashtags
  1. Madrid – 12,087 hashtags

Five Top Tips To Stay Motivated Through The Winter

  1. Find what works for you: Whether it’s a beat-heavy playlist that will get you out the door or an inspirational podcast that you can tune into as a form of meditation, there is no one-rule-fits-all when it comes to this well-being trend.
  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself: The hot girl walk was originally designed in the summertime and encouraged people to do a four-mile circuit; however, as the winter means colder, darker, and maybe even wetter conditions, don’t beat yourself up if it is too miserable to get into the HGW mindset. Remember that this is supposed to be good for your body and your mind!
  3. Lay out your favourite sportswear ahead of time: If you need that extra encouragement to get moving, try leaving out the cute matching set you have been dying to wear as a way of spurring you on.
  1. Make it a social event: If you feel like you need accountability, try including your friends, family or your significant other. If you have it planned and somebody else is relying on you, then it’s hard to back out of it.
  1. Think of the Vitamin D hit: Another big benefit of a hot girl walk is the Vitamin D boost it delivers. So, as we head into darker months, try and get your walking shoes on during your lunch break or even before you start work to avoid walking in the dark.

Moving your body in a way that feels good both physically and mentally is a great way to start the year. For more information about winter walking, visit: https://www.pourmoi.co.uk/nowtrending/now-trending-the-most-beautiful-cities-for-walking-around-the-world-perfect-for-hot-girl-walks