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Men – Forget the Botox ‘Zoom Boom’ – It’s All About The Masculip

Demand for lip filler appointments from men is booming as it’s suggested that people will no longer be told to wear masks in shops and at work when social distancing ends on 21st June.

Last year’s lockdown prompted a spike in males booking face and neck treatments dubbed the ‘Zoom Boom’, but industry experts say it’s now lip filler enquiries that have gone through the roof, as men head out into the world again. The trend has been nicknamed the ‘Masculip’ and is being reported across the board.

There was a 75% increase compared to previous months and an 80% rise in appointments from men according to Dr Martyn King, who is a director of General Medical Council (GMC), Medical Director, Vice Chair of the The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) Director of the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group (ACE) and brand ambassador of UTH.

Google searches for lip filler are also up 22% on the same time last year and 22% on last month.

Dr King said: “There is a definite spike in male patients seeking lip enhancement treatments compared to coming out of previous lockdowns. I believe that this is due to hopes that masks will become a thing of the past as social distancing ends on 21st June. People will be looking at lips more than ever as they are uncovered from mask wearing.

“Also, over the pandemic men have had to look at themselves more than ever before due to video calls and conferencing. Depending on the light and devices used, they can be unkind.

“Some males might only look at themselves in the mirror once in the morning and once at night, whereas with video calls across a working day – they could be seeing their reflection hourly. For some, they don’t like what they see.

“If men wanted to keep their lip treatments quiet, now is also the perfect time as they can still wear a face mask to cover any small amount of normal swelling or bruising post-treatment. We are seeing the rise in the main from straight, often rugged, looking men.”

One male who has already had his ‘Masculip’ done, is 53-year-old Adam Parsons, who is a Jewellery Dealer from Cheshire: “All my life I have been conscious of what I look like. I’ve tried to balance out my fast-paced lavish party lifestyle with looking after myself and investing in treatments.

“I’ve had Botox for many years, and now I’m having regular dermal filler treatments. Due to my bad habits, I realised my lips were receding and I had a classic ‘smokers’ lip’ – something I wanted to change.

“In my most recent appointment I had my lips done, as well as my cheeks and chin to give me more definition. I am very open about the work I’ve had; I think us men should embrace the treatments we have done – I want to look well for my age and these types of procedures help me achieve that. I’d rather be open about it than have people speculating about whether or not I’ve had something done.”

Dr King does advise those men that are thinking of taking the plunge should be taking steps to limit complications as botched lip filler treatments are also on the rise.

He added: “It is really important to do your research and seek a practitioner who is medically trained and experienced in dermal fillers and a member of an organisation such as ACE Group, JCCP, BACN or BCAM. More than 70% of dermal filler complications which the ACE Group help manage are related to lip filler treatments so choosing a practitioner working in an aesthetic clinic who can diagnose and manage a complication is essential. It is also wise to ask which product your practitioner is using and why.”

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