Day: June 10, 2021

Men – Forget the Botox ‘Zoom Boom’ – It’s All About The Masculip

Demand for lip filler appointments from men is booming as it’s suggested that people will no longer be told to wear masks in shops and at work when social distancing ends on 21st June. Last year’s lockdown prompted a spike in males booking face and neck treatments dubbed the ‘Zoom Boom’, but industry experts say […]

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Thinking of having dermal filler post lockdown? Here are the facts, with expert advice on how to do it safely.

With lockdown restrictions easing and after a year that many feel has significantly ‘aged’ them, more people are considering having an aesthetic treatment. Not only those who have previously had a cosmetic procedure but also people who have never had one and have now noticed the tell-tale signs of aging after spending so much time […]

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