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Stirling Distillery Launch Pink Gin Gift set in time for Valentines

Just in time for Valentines Day, Stirling Distillery in the heart of Scotland is selling a special gift set of their recently launched Pink Gin. Combining a 50cl bottle with a matching branded copa glass, this is the perfect gift for any gin lover. Stirling Pink Gin is a refreshing gin with 12 delicious botanicals including rose petals, pink peppercorns and pink grapefruit. It is delicately fragranced with juniper, spices and pepper to leave your taste buds craving more.

As part of Stirling Distillery’s folklore collection, the gin was originally named Pink Lady gin after a famous local legend. The pink lady was a beautiful young noblewoman betrothed to a brave Scottish knight who died defending Stirling castle against the English in the siege of 1304. Shortly after his death, the pink lady also died, heartbroken at the thought of never seeing her love again. It is said that she can be seen wandering the castle and the kirk tower in the dead of night, dressed in her elegant and distinct pink robes. She was also known for a faint scent of rose-blossom which inspired the flavouring of the gin. However, Australian fruit importers Pink lady apples recently challenged the name of Stirling’s newly released gin.

Despite the fact that registered trademarks tend to be issued for use within specific trading sectors and Pink Lady apples and Pink Lady Gin are not in competition, Stirling Distillery made the decision to rename their gin rather than face a lengthy legal battle. As a result, they are re-launching as Stirling Pink Gin, celebrating with their limited-edition gift set in time for Valentine’s Day. Email [email protected] for more information.

In addition to their wide range of gins, Stirling Distillery also launched its Sons of Scotland whisky in January 2021. Owners June and Cameron McCann have had great success providing virtual tastings via Zoom over the past year. As part of the experience, you are provided with a selection of their most popular spirits, given insights into the distilling process thanks to their in-house distiller, as well as provided with Stirling Gin cocktail recipes and branded hand sanitiser.

About Stirling Distillery

Stirling Distillery, established in 2015, is steeped in Scottish history. Located in the shadow of Stirling Castle, central Scotland, it is the city’s first legal distillery. Offering a range of gins and whisky’s all with historic relevance, the distillery is usually open daily for tours, tastings and a weekly gin school. These will resume as soon as possible.