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TEA in the Autumn

The Autumn Issue of tea magazine will be out on 1 October 2009 and will bring you book reviews, more ‘new’ tea rooms, how to get tea web-wise, our great competition with the chance to win a trip to Lille on Eurostar™plus lunch with tea at Cha Yuan, and much more … Subscribe now – don’t miss out.

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Tea words

Margaret Thornby, our tea and tea room researcher, has been looking at all the words ending in ‘ty’ and conjuring up interesting tea-related themes. We used one in the past, and this has been used by others – Charitea – but there are many, many more. How about Qualitea (a tea with good character perhaps?) or Crafty (a foxy little tea!)
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Tweet me please

Those of you who use Twitter may have seen that Margaret Thornby, our tea and tea room aficionado, has been posting regular tweets on all things tea and a few other things – tea and stuff you might say! Follow her @TearoomGuide

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